Darwin Township

Darwin Township meets at 2 p.m. the first Tuesday of every month at the township hall, located at 305 Curran Street in Darwin. The township phone number is (320) 693-2928.

Mailing address for township items is 65393 CSAH 11, Litchfield, MN 55355.

Officers are clerk Fred Atkinson (320) 693-8935, treasurer Tammy Housman (320) 693-3542, chair Bruce Rethlake

(320) 693-3482, and supervisors Milton Housman (320) 693-3926 and Eric Gabrielson (320) 275-3862.

Recycling stations

The township does not provide recycling. Call the household hazardous waste facility in Litchfield for more information about recycling, (320) 693-2576.

Burning permits

Residents can get burning permits from the local fire warden. The central region office can be reached at (651) 259-5830.

Building permits

Building permits may be obtained by calling Meeker County Planning and Zoning at (320) 693-5290.

Garbage pickup

The township doesn’t provide garbage service. Residents must arrange with a local sanitation company for pickup.



Meeker Cooperative, 1725 Highway 12, Litchfield, (320) 693-3231 or (800) 232-6257.


CenturyLink, (800) 788-3500, 24-hour repair service (800) 788-3600, TDD/TTY (800) 627-3529.

Lakedale Link, 9938 State Highway 55 NW, Annandale, (800) 546-4963, after hours repair service (888) 344-3730 (regular business hours, call (800) 546-4963), www.lakedalelink.net.


The township has no gas lines. Residents should contact a local gas company for a liquid propane gas tank and service.