City of Kingston

Members of the Johnson Kelly American Legion Post 483 participated at the Kingston Memorial Day ceremony.

Updated August 2021

City council meetings take place at the Kingston Community Center (30840 722nd Ave, Dassel, MN 55325) the third Monday of each month. (January and February council meetings take place on the Tuesday following the third Monday, because of holiday dates.)

The current city council includes: Mayor Jim Herda; Treasurer Lyle Pedersen; Lakin Ramseth, Nicholas Mandt, Jim Nielsen, and Matt Blomquist. Jean Yunker is the city clerk. Yunker may be reached by emailing

Governmental notices and city council minutes are posted at the front entrance of the Kingston Community Center.

The Kingston Progress II, the local newsletter, comes out periodically, and includes information about the town and related events. Submissions for the newsletter may be emailed to

Dog ordinance: The City of Kingston has a dog ordinance that covers barking dogs, and requires all dogs to be leashed. Copies of the ordinance are available from the city clerk.

Winter parking: No parking is allowed on city streets from Nov. 1 to April 1, from 2 to 6 a.m. Vehicles in violation may be towed.

Street sweeping: City streets are swept once each spring. Residents are not allowed to rake leaves into the streets, nor to blow grass clippings onto the streets.

Fire department: Dassel Fire and Rescue, emergency 911, non-emergency 320-275-3260. Vehicles in violation may be towed.

Law enforcement: Meeker County Sheriff’s Department, emergency 911, non-emergency 320-693-5400.

Local services

Telephone/Cable: CenturyLink, 800-552-1104; Mediacom 800-379-7412; Arvig, 320-764-8324.

Gas: Propane tanks only, no city gas service.

Electric: Meeker Cooperative, 320-693-3231; Xcel Energy, 612-330-5500.

Garbage: Mumford Sanitation, 800-490-3601.

Building permits

Contact Mayor James Herda for details.

Initial utility hookup charges

Water: All homes have individual wells.

Sewer: All homes have individual septic systems.