Wright County

Wright County

Photo courtesy of Wright County administration

Wright County commissioners are: front – Mary Wetter, Mark Daleiden, Christine Husom; back Darek Vetsch, and Michael Kaczmarek

Updated July 2022

Wright County

Wright County Government Center is located at 3650 Braddock Ave. NE, Buffalo, MN 55313, 800-362-3667, 763-682-3900; web site is at www.co.wright.mn.us
The county board of commissioners meets each Tuesday of the month. Cokato is in District 5 and represented by Michael Kaczmarek.

Commissioner District 1: Christine Husom: term expires Dec. 31, 2022 she represents the City of Annandale, City of Buffalo precincts 1, 2, 3, 4; City of South Haven, Albion Township, Buffalo Township, Chatham Township, Corrina Township, and Southside Township.

Commissioner District 2: Darek Vetsch: term expires Dec. 31, 2024. He represents City of Clearwater, City of Maple Lake, City of Monticello, Clearwater Township, Maple Lake Townships precincts 1A and 1B, Monticello Township, and Silver Creek Township.

Commissioner District 3: Mark Daleiden: term expires Dec. 31, 2022. He represents: City of Otsego precincts 1A, 2A, 3; City of Dayton, City of St. Michael precinct 1B.

Commissioner District 4: Mary Wetter: term expires Dec. 31, 2024. She represents City of Albertville, City of Hanover precincts 2 and 3, City of St. Michael precinct 1A, Rockford Township, and City of Rockford.

Commissioner District 5: Michael Kaczmarek: term expires Dec. 31, 2024. He represents the City of Cokato, City of Delano, City of Howard Lake, City of Montrose, City of Waverly, Cokato Township, Franklin Township, French Lake Township, Marysville Township, Middleville Township, Stockholm Township, Victor Township, and Woodland Township.

Administrator: Lee R. Kelly
Assessor: Tony Rasmuson
Attorney: Brian Lutes
Auditor/Treasurer: Bob Hiivala
Court Administrator: Monica Tschumper
Engineer: Virgil Hawkins
Recorder: Tanya West
Sheriff: Sean Deringer