Meeker County

Photo courtesy of Meeker County

Meeker County commissioners are: Beth Oberg, Julie Bredeson, Paul Johnson, Danny Schiefelbein, and Steve Schmitt

Updated August 2021

Meeker County

The Meeker County Courthouse is located at 325 Sibley Avenue North, Litchfield, (320) 693-5200; website is at

The county board of commissioners meets the first and third Tuesdays of the month.

Commissioner District 1: Beth Oberg: Darwin City, Darwin Township, Litchfield City Wards 2, 3, and 4.

Commissioner District 2: Julie Bredeson: Forest City Township, Harvey Township, Litchfield Township, Litchfield City Wards 1 and 5.

Commissioner District 3: Paul Johnson:  Acton Township, Cedar Mills City, Cedar Mills Township, Collinwood Township, Cosmos City, Cosmos Township, Danielson Township, Ellsworth Township, Greenleaf Township.

Commissioner District 4: Danny Schiefelbein: Dassel City, Dassel Township, Kingston City, Kingston Township.

Commissioner District 5: Steve Schmitt:  City of Grove City, City of Eden Valley, Forest Prairie Township, Manannah Township, Swede Grove Township, Union Grove Township, City of Watkins.

Administrator:  Andrew Letson

Assessor: Amy Rausch

Attorney:  Brandi Schiefelbein

Auditor:  Barb Loch

Court Administrator:  Katie Bloch

Engineer:  Phil Schmalz

Recorder:  Christine Paul

Sheriff:  Brian Cruze

Surveyor:  Doug Huhn, Northstar Surveying

Treasurer: Sharon Euerle