Dassel Township

Updated July 2022

Dassel Township meets the second Monday of every month at the Dassel History Center, located at 901 First St. N. in Dassel. Meetings start at 6:30 p.m.
This is also where township members vote. Township items of business may be mailed to the clerk at 71248 268th St., Dassel, MN 55325. Call 320-275-3616 with any questions.
Karin Colberg is the Dassel Township Clerk. Kevin Rossow is Chairman, Supervisors are Kari Amundson and David Isaacson, Galen Nyman is Treasurer.

Recycling stations
Recycling bins are located in front of the Meeker County shed on Public Avenue in Dassel, and recyclable material may be dropped off at any time. It is a joint venture with Collinwood Township.

Building permits
Building permits may be obtained by calling Meeker County Planning and Zoning at 320-693-5290.

Garbage pickup
The township doesn’t provide garbage service. Residents must arrange with a local sanitation company for pickup.

Meeker Cooperative, 1725 Highway 12, Litchfield, 320-693-3231 or 800-232-6257.
CenturyLink, 800-788-3500; 24-hour repair service, 800-788-3600; TDD/TTY 800-627-3529.
Lakedale Link, 9938 State Highway 55 NW, Annandale, 800-546-4963; after-hours repair service, 888-344-3730; regular business hours, call 800-546-4963; or visit www.lakedalelink.net.
The township has no gas lines. Residents should contact a local gas company for a liquid propane gas tank and service.