Kingston Township

Kingston Township meets at 7 p.m. the first Tuesday of every month at the Kingston Community Center, located at 30840 722nd Ave. in the town of Kingston. Township items may be sent to the postal address 35359 732nd Ave., Kimball, MN 55353. The township phone number is (320) 398-8400.

Township clerk is Gail Schiefelbein (320) 398-8400, treasurer Mary Filzen (320) 398-6046, and supervisors Dan Schiefelbein (320) 266-8487, Bob Christofferson (320) 398-6091, and Ned Root (320) 398-6335.

Voting is done at the Kingston Community Center.

Recycling stations

The township provides recycling at 72636 Meeker County Road 27, Kingston.

Burning permits

There are no fire wardens in the area – call the county for burning permits at (320) 693-5200 or apply online at

Building permits

Building permits may be obtained by calling Meeker County Planning and Zoning at (320) 693-5290.

Garbage pickup

The township doesn’t provide garbage service. Residents must arrange with a local sanitation company for pickup.



Xcel Energy is also available for some parts of the township, (800) 895-4999.

Meeker Cooperative, 1725 Highway 12, Litchfield, (320) 693-3231 or (800) 232-6257.


Sprint, (800) 788-3500, 24-hour repair service (800) 788-3600, TDD/TTY (800) 627-3529.

Lakedale Link, 9938 State Highway 55 NW, Annandale, (800) 546-4963, after-hours repair service 888-344-3730 (regular business hours, call (800) 546-4963),

Melrose Telephone Company, PO Box 100, Melrose, MN 56352.


The township has no gas lines. Residents should contact a local gas company for a liquid propane gas tank and service.